We research artificial intelligence and machine learning, and devise algorithms for financial markets that are designed to predict trends and forecast volatility.



Our mission has always been to replace humans making trading decisions with the fully autonomous, automated trading systems that we have developed.

In the pursuit of our mission our natural ally is artificial intelligence along with high-performance computing. The research we conduct not only focuses on applying AI decision algorithms to functional trading software, it goes a step further. Our AI systems develope their own AI decision generators for functional trading systems.

In other words our trading systems are not originated by humans anymore. Their building blocks are built on the concepts devised by AI.

The second component of our system is our custom design for computer hardware. This is a multi GPU cluster that contains tens of thousands of computing cores that are totally optimized for parallel testing of hundreds of millions of trading strategies.

We call it Strategy Miner.

Once this system finds a robust trading strategy, it applies the model - the relevant AI algorithms - to the functional trading software.