Our company was founded in 2006 in Cyprus with the objective of researching the area of quantitative trading strategies for foreign exchange pairs, as well as trend and volatility forecasting using machine learning algorithms. We specialize in artificial intelligence solutions and the practical application of Support Vector Machine, Hidden Markov Models and other algorithms for the prediction of short term price movements. Software for other financial instruments is under development too.

Forex Trading Algorithm

Registered by US Patent and Trademark Office

A major milestone in the history of our company was reached in February 2015 when our first fully automated trading system was put to live trading. Since then, our in-house proprietary trading team has been running proof-of-concept, real money accounts to test all its components in the live trading environment. Our fully automated trading system is constantly optimized via high performance computer clusters, and its robust models are sent to production servers running automated trading software. Since we are a private company and we do not offer any financial services to the public, we generally don’t share information about our financial performance. However, we may provide performance data of our systems for educational purposes, upon request from researchers or journalists.

Piotr Pietrzak

Founder and Principal

Piotr has twenty years of experience in trading and computer programming, that allows him to successfully lead the trading and technology teams, and thus bridge these two worlds. Piotr graduated from the Akademia Ekonomiczna in Poznan, Poland (then, the Poznan University of Economics, and currently, the Poznan University of Economics and Business) with a Master of Science Degree specializing in Economics. That study provided him with extensive knowledge of mathematics, econometrics and statistics as well as managerial skills. Piotr has always been fascinated with capital markets and started trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange as a teenager in 1992, shortly after the exchange was reactivated after decades of communism in Poland. This allowed him to quickly build up his capital base. Computer programming and its applications in finance have always been of a great interest for Piotr. Since 2006 he has oriented his professional career to the algorithmic trading of stocks and commodities, eventually focusing on trading algorithms for the foreign exchange market.